IFTF plans to publish its third annual transparency report by the end of March. This is a little later than last year’s publication date, due in part to my own coming up to speed with the authorship task after former board member Flourish Klink handed the job over to me. I thank the board and the community for its patience, and will of course update this blog with a link once the report goes public.

I also have the privilege of overseeing the IFTF Accessibility Testing Committee’s report, which — after a rather longer delay! — looks on-target to appear later this year. The accessibility program successfully concluded the testing exercise it began in January, with its public call for more participants resulting in a tidy doubling of the initial tester-pool. (We also extended the testing period by a week to better accomodate these later arrivals.) The committee now possesses accessibility survey responses from several dozen players with disabilities, including both IF veterans and those new to the form. We now turn our attention to transforming this data into a meaningful report, and I very much look forward to presenting it to the community.

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