We have published the 2017 edition of IFTF’s financial transparency report, summarizing how money flowed through the organization over the course of last year. It’s longer and more detailed than the 2016 report, as one might expect from the fact that 2017 represented IFTF’s first full calendar-year of public operation. Please do give the report a look to learn more about the income that IFTF received — largely from individual donations by generous IF community members — and how that money got allocated and applied.

The report was assembled and authored by IFTF co-founder Flourish Klink, who — in bittersweet news — is stepping down from the board with the end of her term on March 5. A member of the “founding five” who helped get this idea off the ground two years ago, Flourish’s experience at running organizations of all sorts led to IFTF’s adoption of an open-books financial policy, as well as the annual transparency reports.

IFTF’s board will continue producing the reports, and otherwise carrying on with the lessons that Flourish taught us during her time as a director. Thanks for everything, Flourish, and I hope that we’ll continue to make you proud.

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