NarraScope 2020 wrapped up earlier this month. The IFTF board of directors sincerely thanks every member of the conference committee, as well as every speaker, sponsor, and other contributor for so rapidly adapting all their original plans for a weekend at the University of Illinois into a week-long, entirely online celebration of interactive narrative.

And, of course, our great thanks to the hundreds of you who showed up for the talks, hung out in the Discord, and participated in the game jam — in every case providing the energy and enthusiasm that made entirely clear that all this transformative effort was well worthwhile.

I’m pleased to share that videos of most NarraScope 2020 talks and other public sessions are available on IFTF’s YouTube channel, for you to enjoy at your leisure.

The conference committee plans to publish a transparency report about this year’s conference, much like it did for NarraScope 2019. Running an originally in-person conference as an entirely online event did not happen without its snags and missteps, so alongside the financial disclosure, the team will address other issues that arose this year, including plans about how to improve NarraScope for everyone in future years — whether online or in-person.

The conference team plans to have the report published by July 1. We will update this blog — and our newsletter — when it’s up.

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