IFTF has published its Transparency Report for 2019 as a seven-page PDF. It summarizes IFTF’s activity from January 2019 through December 2019, including a high-level accounting of the organization’s financial income and expenditures.

As a public-service organization that many people entrust with their time, attention, and money, IFTF presents this annual report in an effort to show how it has applied its community’s investments over the past calendar year.

This year’s report summary:

IFTF held its first-ever conference in 2019, and this unsurprisingly dominates our financial reporting, accounting for more than half of all money received and spent during the year.

Our income was otherwise defined by small donations from generous individuals, which continue to provide IFTF’s financial backbone, supporting the activities of all our other programs.

Outside of Narrascope’s novelty, 2019 proved a stable year for IFTF at the organizational level. We had no significant personnel additions or departures, and ended the year with the same number of programs as we started with. But, those programs’ activities tell a more interesting story, so let’s turn our attention to them.

Please do read the full report at your own convenience.

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