IFTF’s Twine committee is proud to announce that three specifications related to Twine have been formalized:

Twee 3, the first one listed above, was formalized in December 2019, but the other two are newly formalized as of this month. The first spec describes a new version of Twee, the plain-text version of Twine story code, that includes new information that makes it possible to convert between Twee and Twine 2 stories freely, and to add other metadata to stories in a consistent way.

The second and third specs describe how Twine 2 works: when it publishes a story to HTML, the format of that HTML, and what it looks for in a story format like Harlowe or SugarCube during that publishing process. These specs will make it easier for other tools to use Twine stories, and for people in the Twine community to create new story formats.

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