The education committee of the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation is pleased to announce a companion IF workshop to this year’s Narrascope conference. Why should novelists have all the summer fun at their literary colonies and retreats? Let’s take ourselves seriously as writers and hang out together writing IF in the IFComp offseason.

Participants interested in choice-based IF will learn to write Twine-based games, studying with Chris Klimas, creator and current project leader of Twine. Those who’ve always wanted to master Inform 7 will work through the Inform 7 Tutorial series being developed at the Electronic Literatures & Literacies Lab (EL3) at the University of Illinois, working with Judith Pintar, the EL3 Director. Experienced writers of Twine and Inform 7, like Stuart Moulthrop and Andrew Plotkin, will participate in the workshop as mentors, writing by your side.

The workshop will begin in an online, asynchronous format in the two weeks preceding Narrascope and then culminate with a week in residence at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign immediately following Narrascope.

Email Chris & Judith at to be notified when registration opens for our first annual IF Writers’ Workshop.

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