The Annual Interactive Fiction competition has released its annual survey, asking all its participants — whether judges, authors, or interested observers — for their thoughts on how well the 2019 IFComp went, and ideas for improving the competition in time for 2020’s event.

If you have a few minutes to help IFComp, please do fill out the survey before January 31, 2020. We would value your thoughts very much!

On that note: NarraScope 2020’s Call for Proposals remains open through January 17. It welcomes pitches for panel discussions, 30- and 60-minute presentations, and five-minute lightning talks.

NarraScope will consider just about any topic related to narrative-based games in all their forms, digital and otherwise. If you have (or develop, in the next few days!) an idea for a presentation, discussion, or short event that you can share with our annual gathering to study and celebrate playful interactive stories, we hope you’ll pitch it to us.

This year’s NarraScope will happen at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on May 29-31.

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