As noted earlier, I presented a short talk about IFTF at a technology meetup in Providence last February. I recorded it, and then immediately put it out of mind before actually sharing the recording — a realization that struck me only today, when I wanted to refer to the talk from another article, elsewhere on the web.

So, here it is, better late then never! Happily, little has become out-of-date in the intervening three months. Please pardon the handful of audio stumbles; as with all my presentations, I read from a script, and sometimes flub my lines. (Chalk it up to verisimilitude: it’s like you’re there!)

And let me drop a special greeting to the folks who traveled to Providence from as far away as New York, just to hear the talk and say hello. It was a good time! As for the rest of you, if you meet me at Narrascope, I can give you one of the stickers I promised to the crowd that evening in February.

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