The IFTF Education Committee (EdCom), is excited to be hosting three workshops at NarraScope on Friday June 14. Early sign-in begins at 6:30 pm in MIT building 32 (the Stata Center). The hour-long sessions will start at 7:30 pm, also in building 32.

All workshops are free for NarraScope attendees. Registration is open now.

This is what is on the line-up:

Teach Lamp: IF Workshop for Educators

Presenters: Brendan Desilets and Matt Farber

Are you a teacher who has always wondered about using interactive fiction in the classroom? Here’s your chance to sample some interactive fiction in its two principal forms, parser-based IF and choice-based IF, and to learn directly from people who successfully use it in their own teaching. In this workshop you’ll read interactive fiction that has been used in classrooms, and you’ll try your hand at writing some as well. This is your chance to get started! For more information, contact Brendan Desilets,

Make Lamp: Crafting Parser-Based IF with Inform 7

Presenters: Anastasia Salter and Judith Pintar

The classic verb-driven, parser-based model of Interactive Fiction offers space for nuanced world-building, conversation models, and puzzle development, but can be needlessly daunting for beginners. We’ll dive into the “natural language” engine of Inform 7 and work through the textual construction of objects, rooms, and a few classic puzzles. For educators, Inform 7 can be a particularly compelling way to introduce the logics of object-oriented programming, and for writers Inform 7 offers impressive flexibility in narrative branching and NPC character building. For more information, contact Anastasia Salter,

Twine Untangled: A Beginner’s Workshop

Presenters: Chris Klimas and Stuart Moulthrop

Twine is a platform for making anything from choose-your-own-adventure stories to entrancing, multi-mediated game-worlds. Twine is as powerful as a world of creative coders can make it – yet incredibly easy for beginners and a great tool for teachers. Join us for a hands-on taste of Twine, introducing the interface, basic composition, story logic, and some glimpses of scripting and other advanced topics. No programming experience necessary! For more information, contact Stuart Moulthrop,

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