We proudly announce two additions this month to IFTF’s roster of advisors and directors.

First, we welcome Liza Daly onto IFTF’s board of directors. Liza is a software engineer, startup founder, and technology executive who specializes in digital publishing and web-based storytelling. She founded ifMUD, an early, influential chatroom for the IF community, and has authored several parser and hypertext games. This work most recently includes the XYZZY Award-winning Harmonia, a delightfully marginalia-driven story that finished among IFComp 2017’s top five entries.

We also welcome Graham Nelson to our advisory committee. Graham is a fellow in pure mathematics at St. Anne’s College of the University of Oxford, but the IF community recognizes him chiefly as the inventor and ongoing lead developer of Inform (as well as the author of Curses, the sprawling text adventure that debuted Inform to the world). Inform helped catalyze interactive fiction out of its post-commercial dormancy in the 1990s, and continues to serve as a centrally important tool for countless authors creating new work. (Graham’s labors on Inform continue as well, as evidenced by a talk he recently presented in Oxford.)

Besides these lists of impressive credentials, both Liza and Graham have been active members and friends of the IF community for a long time, and IFTF is that much stronger for their names and voices added officially to its future direction.

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