Taking a page from the success of IFComp’s Colossal Fund, IFTF offers a new way for IF community members to show their support for the Foundation’s ongoing programs. If you use the PayPal link on our giving page to set up an automatic monthly donation of $5 (USD) or more — an action as easy as checking a checkbox, and as spiritually uplifting as a warm spring breeze — we will salute your generosity with a place of honor among our new list of monthly supporters.

Naturally, IFTF continues to gratefully and humbly accept tax-deductible donations of any size or frequency. We also reserve the right to think of other fun rewards for those who display ongoing or otherwise significant generosity! But for now, giving a public nod to those who think of IFTF every month (or at least instruct a database running somewhere at PayPal headquarters to think of IFTF every month on their behalf) seems like the least we could do. So, we’re doing that.

If having your name printed on a static webpage somehow isn’t enough when it comes to showing off your IFTF support, then may I remind you of our gift shop! It sells an array of IFTF merch, including IF Archive stickers, IF Archive coffee mugs, and IF Archive T-shirts. (Someday we’ll put some more designs up there, but darn it we love the IF Archive.) All profits from these purchases go into IFTF’s general fund.

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