For years now, knowledge of how to create amazing projects in Twine has been spread out across forums, blogs, and social media. With the Twine Cookbook, a new Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation project, we are hoping to begin consolidating that distributed knowledge into a by-the-community, for-the-community collection of recipes!

Inspired by Inform’s own Recipe Book, the Twine Cookbook is the first step toward building the same type of resource that shows and describes techniques of combining macros and functionality for common tasks. We are interested in things as seemingly simple as “Dice Rolling” in Harlowe and as complex as “moving through a ‘dungeon’” in Snowman! We’re striving to include code for each of the built-in Twine story formats—Harlowe, Snowman, and SugarCube—in each recipe.

We hope that the Cookbook will be a truly community effort. Contributions can come in different forms. You can add entirely new recipes, fill in gaps for story formats not yet covered, or even suggest recipes for others to complete. The README file describes how to do each of these!

Finally, the Twine Cookbook is written in the GitBook format. While fully accessible on GitHub through the SUMMARY file, the project can be cloned or downloaded locally and compiled into HTML, PDF, or EPUB format using GitBook’s tools.

We accept recipes in all story formats and across both Twine 2 and 1.4.2 in compiled HTML or Twee notation format with notes. All are welcome.

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