Last year, IFTF created a new account at GitHub, taking advantage of that service’s generous standing offer of free paid-tier access to nonprofit organizations. As of this month, we have a couple of public projects posted to it:

  • ifcomp holds all the code and content (aside from the actual games!) that has powered the Annual Interactive Fiction Competition’s web application since 2014. Jason McIntosh led the project to develop this iteration of IFComp software, and a team of volunteers continues to carry it forward.

    Very recently — and largely through the efforts of volunteer developer Adam Herzog — the app has made use of GitHub-friendly automated testing technologies like Travis and Coveralls, making sure that new contributions to the codebase don’t accidentally break anything already there.

    At present, the IFComp app doesn’t have a more interesting name than “the IFComp app”. We’re still pretty proud of it.

  • ifarchive-ifmap-py is a new port by Andrew Plotkin of the software that creates the index files found throughout the IF Archive’s website. It hasn’t been deployed to production yet, but we’ll all see the fruits of its output when the Archive’s team launches its nascent new server.

    This software improves upon its 1990s-vintage version, also written by Andrew Plotkin, and shared as a separate IFTF repository for completeness’s sake.

Do feel free to keep an eye on our account — we plan to keep open all IFTF-owned software source and other documents that don’t have any clear need to stay private. We welcome issue-reporting, pull requests (what Git fans call proposed software patches), and all that good open-sourcey stuff from the community on any material so shared.

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