July has begun, so IFComp registrations are open for this year. If you intend to enter IFComp, you have until September 1 to register on the site. (Games aren’t due until Sept 28 — everyone spends at least four weeks betatesting, right?)

But we have something new this year. IFComp is running its first fundraiser! Which is IFTF’s first fundraiser, too! The Colossal Fund is now collecting donations for IFComp cash prizes.

All IFComp prizes are community donations. Usually it’s a mix of cash donations, books, games, and other fun stuff. We love the fun stuff — we’re still accepting that! But as a registered nonprofit, IFTF is in a position to raise more money and set up a broader range of cash prizes.

For all the details and FAQs, see our IFComp announcement. We have graphs and tables and everything.

Thank you for your support of IFComp over the past 22 (!) years.

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