Two updates this week from the IFTF Twine committee.

First, I’m pleased to announce that beginning this month, is now being regularly backed up to an IFTF-managed archive. If you’re not familiar with Philomela, it’s been a true friend to the online Twine community for many years. As I wrote earlier this year, it hosts thousands of Twine stories for free. With an IFTF backup now in place, we can be more certain than ever that the works published on Philomela will be accessible for a long time to come.

I want to especially thank Colin Marc, one of the people who manage Philomela, for his help during the process of setting things up the backup.

Now that things are figured out with Philomela, we’re interested in expanding our backup process. We’re not the only archival option for interactive fiction resources — IFDB, IFWiki, and are currently backed up to the IF Archive — but the hope is that offering more options benefits everyone. If you manage an interactive fiction resource that would benefit from being backed up (or having some redundancy added to its backups), please email us at

Secondly, the Twine committee is looking to add a new member. We’re looking for someone who is committed to supporting and improving Twine, and who can represent the interests of the diverse community of people who use Twine regularly. Committee members are expected to attend monthly online meetings, but in large part, individual member duties depend on the skills and availability of each member.

If you’d like to be considered for committee membership, please email us — same address as above.

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