As an unintended consequence of our little organization getting ever busier, we realized in January that we’ve started to drop the ball when it comes to keeping you-the-public more actively informed of our activity. All the transparency in the world doesn’t do much good if none of us remember to turn the lights on too.

Thus, we at IFTF seek a volunteer from the interactive fiction community to help us manage our communications with said community, and with the public at large. This would include responsibilities such as:

  • Composing and emailing a monthly newsletter summarizing IFTF’s public activity over the prior month

  • Managing IFTF’s social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook, at present)

  • Acting as receptionist for IFTF’s public-facing “info” email address

The communications manager will work with IFTF secretary Flourish Klink. This is a volunteer position. We are prepared to also treat it as an official internship, if appropriate for the right applicant. (It would be an unpaid internship, as IFTF is an entirely volunteer-run organization from which nobody collects pay.)

If you are interested in helping — or if you have a recommendation for someone we should ask? — please mail us at by Monday, February 20, 2017.

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