Just in time for the holidays, we have overhauled our website’s donations page. Thanks to improvements by IFTF co-founder (and Twine inventor, and web-design day-job-haver) Chris Klimas, what was once a wall of text now clearly shows the three different ways that individuals can financially support our efforts: via credit card (by way of PayPal), by mailing us a paper check, or through Amazon Smile.

The latter of these methods I hadn’t heard of before last month, even though I’ve long since become one of those people who thinks nothing of ordering paper towels in bulk from Amazon Prime. With Black Friday now upon us, I figured it a good time for further examination of Amazon Smile here, particularly in light of how it can benefit IFTF. Smile presents an alternate way to browse and shop at Amazon: you attach a charity of your choice to your shopping, and from then on a small percentage of the money you spend through that website goes to that charity. You can change your chosen charity as often as you like.

I am happy to report that IFTF exists among the available beneficiaries of your online shopping. We are far from alone, of course, so I would encourage you to search Amazon Smile for charities doing work important to you, and humbly ask that you consider IFTF among them. If you do decide to add us to your shopping cart, then you can find us on Smile under “Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation”, or follow our direct link with our gratitude.

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