Myself and Deborah Kaplan, the lead of our nascent IF accessibility testing project, occupied the guest seats on FLOSS Weekly this past Tuesday. Like all the TWiT.TV network’s shows, the episode aired as a live video stream, with subsequent publication as a podcast. As such, you can go to the episode’s own page to watch or listen to it at your convenience.

The show’s an hour and fifteen minutes long. We spend some time nattering through a a backgrounder about IF and IFTF’s basic mission before getting to what I consider the good part. Starting with a question that host Randal Schwartz asks at around 26:20, Deborah — a long-time accessibility expert — lays out the case for digital accessibility, both in general and as specific to video games and IF in particular.

While I began the show pleased with IFTF’s accessibility project (the presently quiet ramping-up of which I am privy to, from my presidential vantage), by the time the show ended I felt really excited about it, and proud to serve in even a relatively minor role. I can’t wait to see what this project will accomplish in the coming months! We will certainly post relevant updates to this blog as it develops.

On that note, a minor accomplishment of my own this past week: on the board’s advice I cleaned up and consolidated our website’s top navigation bar, including a new “Connect with us” pull-down menu containing the myriad ways to follow along with IFTF news and announcements. It links to this blog, our friends-of-IFTF mailing list, and our social media accounts. Do have a look, if you’re looking for more ways to follow us.

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